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5 Questions for Cool People

#7 Roger Ebert January 20, 2009

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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert

1) What was your favorite day, ever?


 My wedding day, and the joy of being together with the friends and family of my new bride and myself.


2) What is your favorite season?


 Autumn, in early twilight, with the aroma of burning leaves in the air.


3) Have you read War and Peace yet? If not, what is your favorite book?


No, although I have read “Anna Karenina.” I have too many favorite books to select one. Just now I have finished Anthony Powell’s magnificent masterpiece of human comedy, the 12-volume “Dance to the Music of Time.”


4) What is one piece of advice that you want to share with the world?


Be open to the other person’s point of view.

5) What mood are you in RIGHT NOW.



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Roger on Wikipedia


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